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July 19, 2008


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I hear on you this - feel the same way!! :) I'm going to ask my kids this question. I really don't think that will be their response - they have become somewhat as obesssed as me. They are constantly calling, "come take a picture". And, sometimes I don't even want to?!?! But, I'm sure I'll be surprised by whatever their response is. Thanks for the inspiration and gorgeous LO!!


Hey Peppermint, thanks for writing this. I'm panicking now because it's the first time since January that I felt creatively tapped out. None of my usual tricks (scraplift, browse galleries, do the hokey-pokey) seem to work. There are layouts that I want to do, but I feel like my mind rebels against them and wants to do something else. This has happened once and I ended up doing a layout that was more...honest than I'd anticipated. Looks like things are pointing the way towards another one :)

Stephanie Ogren

What a good idea, I might interview mine, but I know they would say "Get off the computer!" Uh, can't do that!


My 14 year old daughter says the same thing as soon as she spots me with the camera!


Love this page! And I love your journal!


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